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Satang Pro

The central platform for digital asset exchanges. Convenient for digital asset management including selling, buying, checking the owned asset's value, and checking the transaction history.

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Satang App

A digital wallet designed to connect with Satang Pro and banks to facilitate the access and management of digital assets — with just one click. Equipped with features that allow users to exchange digital assets, loan crypto assets, and smooth transition to mobile-banking. All while being protected with an advanced security system.

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Satang Shop

An E-commerce management application for digital transactions between both vendors and customers. Users can conveniently top-up, buy, sell, and pay for their utilities and public transportation. The application is also connected with the best digital asset exchange platform, Satang Pro.

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Satang Vault

A bastion for digital assets equipped with military-grade security. Purposely built for institutional investors and corporate clients who are looking for the safest way to storing their digital assets.

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Satang Nodes

A hassle-free staking and master/validator node service for digital assets holders. Supports various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Zcoin — the privacy-focused cryptocurrency.

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