Best Practices

We do follow every standard best practices in the industry. Unfortunately, something bad might still happen, we will immediately take an action and notify you the action you should take when this occurs.

Encryption and Backups

Using Blockchain technology and our secure storage, we confidently put every transactions with encryption and join the very large network of miners that can verify them. We do use TLS for every requests we established to our servers.

Along with encryption, we do backup everyday.

Account Protection

Despite our hardest works to protect you, there are things you have to do to keep yourself safe. Don't share your account password with anyone, and if possible, set your phone PIN and Satang in-app PIN for better security.

However, if you need help about your account, please contact support at

Reporting Vulnerability

For security researchers, you can send an email describing your found vulnerability to security team at For every vulnerability report, we do appreciate your help and will work along until the vulnerability is fixed.